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Whit Grumhaus is a singer-songwriter living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is a founding member of the duo “Coffee” along with fellow guitarist Carl Mabry. Whit’s musical interests began with his two older sisters who filled the second floor of their childhood home with wonderful noise; one sister spinning her records by the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Grateful Dead, while down the hall from another room came the sounds of the Beach Boys, Billy Joel, and James Taylor. It was a solid base from which to launch. Whit started his musical journey as a drummer in the school orchestra, but quickly moved to the guitar where he’s still frantically trying to achieve his requisite 10,000 hours behind the wheel.

Whit’s second album “The Hungry & The Hunted” will be released in January of 2017. It features twelve new original songs. It was produced by Chris Stamey and recorded in December 2015 at Deep River Sound Studio in Sanford NC. Whit, who’s day job is as a licensed architect, was the building’s project architect. Having drawn every single brick on the triangular building that is Deep River, Whit very much wanted to record his album there, and the amazing studio made all the difference.

For this show, Grumhaus will be backed by a band consisting of Frank Tuttle on bass, Howard Lander on guitar, Tony Stiglitz on drums, Millie McGuire on backing vocals, and Wes Lachot on keyboards.  Django Harris of “The Old Ceremony” will join them on a few of the songs as well.

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