Appalachian Mountain Brewery & The Station present: BENEFIT CONCERT FOR SOUTHERNERS ON NEW GROUND

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We’re teaming up with Appalachian Mountain Brewery to host a benefit concert for Southerners On New Ground (SONG).

Join us for a night of celebrating & supporting a wonderful cause with great beer, great times, and great music by:


Kevin “Kaze” Thomas (pronounced KAH-ZEE) is a versatile entertainer who captures the spirit of groundbreaking Hip Hop artists. With a strong personality and unique style, Kaze reigns as a tested mic battle champion and regularly lights up stages nationally.  Ingenuity and originality characterize his rhymes, while his words promote political consciousness, address personal trials, and celebrate the passion of Hip Hop.

Singer-songwriter Sus Long met bass and banjo player Michael Conner in 2013 and they kept talking because they liked the same books. The two started meeting up to play Ramones covers and bluegrass standards, eventually forming a songwriting partnership that draws on folk and jazz, country and blues, blending the best of two very different musical tastes. The friends kept making friends with musical friends and this folk-rock band has grown to include guitarist Danny Nowell, singer Alex Treyz, and drummer Dave Berka.

Long has been writing and recording music for a decade, drawing influence from the lyrical dexterity of Patty Griffin, the musical arrangements of Sufjan Stevens, and the vocal originality of artists like Billie Holiday and Freddie Mercury. As a songwriter, Long’s subject matter is informed by novels and poems, morning news, late-night theology, and the stories of the people around her.

Hardworker’s live shows feature Conner’s funk and punk influences, Nowell’s affinity for rock and classic country, Berka’s jazz-drumming background, and Treyz’s Gospel choir training—once described as a “folk-rock rollick” by the IndyWeek.

Rivertown collective’s Evel Arc sings about a dark, lonely existence where hell is eternity and life is a dream. He got his start in thepenticostal church as a young man and now takes influence
from Viking Moses, Des Ark, George Strait and Andrew Jackson Jihad. This dark folk rock narrative shines light on all the unattractive human qualities that make us all unique and special.


Spoken word by Colin Corpe

& get your groove on with a Dance Party w/ Luxe Posh after the show until 2am!!