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Born of navel-gazing self-indulgence and vague ambition, Erie Choir started as a solo acoustic folk singing sort-of-thing at the dawn of the new millennium. Realizing the loneliness and terror of such endeavors and the inability to drown out yammering bar goers, the group was soon augmented by a bevy of grade-A ringers with loud amplifiers. These ringers moved on as more lucrative offers came along and soon were replaced by equally talented and foolish players. In 2006, Sit-n-Spin records released “Slighter Awake,” which Pop Matters called “crisp, clean, indie rock with a folk-pop flavor” with songs that “may not be epic masterpieces.” Talented artists Erie Choir has been accused of ripping off include Elliott Smith, Okkervil River, and Calexico. Bar patrons in Jersey City, NJ, seemed to think Erie Choir played country music. The group drove around the East Coast and Midwest some and got to open up for Robyn Hitchcock, before fading into obscurity. They’ve re-emerged seemingly playing classic rock songs about indie rock at sporadic shows, including at the 2016 NC State Fair. Sometimes joined by the Hercules Europe Brass, Erie Choir continues its futile efforts into 2017, determined to finally release a follow up to “Slighter Awake”.

Nathan’s songwriting outlet since 2006, always including a rotating cast of friends.