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JAZZ SATURDAYS is a free weekly live jazz concert series showcasing different area jazz musicians in each installment.

This week’s musicians: FLOY DOY

This will be the first show for the newly formed band “FLOY DOY”! , a unique configuration of established triangle talent.  Their adventurous repertoire straddles the edges of jazz, folk, rock, lounge, and avant-garde genres, and includes originals, reimagined covers and a healthy dose of electronics.

Bryan McCune on psychedelic cornet and regular cornet. His resume includes Children of the Horn, ZoneRangers, and Pagan Hellcats, as well as a recently released record with jazz legends Victor Lewis and George Cables.
Neal Chapman on guitar.  Neal also plays with the inimitable east coast band Mr. Potato Head, and the Steely Dan tribute band “Dealing Stan”. 
Rick Lassiter on electric bass.  Previous bands Rick has played with include Ida, SNZ, Lisa Loeb, and ZoneRangers. He currently plays with Lemon Sparks, who recently opened for the Steve Miller Band.
Bakru Hunsel on drums and percussion.  Bakru is a past member of the ELM Collective and Jo Gore and the Alternative,  and currently plays with the Tornado Blues Band and the Street Genie Trio.

All Ages Welcome