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Frank Secich – musician, author, innovator…A founding member of the groundbreaking BLUE ASH, song writer and collaborator of STIV BATORS, member of THE DEAD BOYS, bassist of CLUB WOW and currently writing and touring with THE DEADBEAT POETS, who has had several songs featured on Little Stevens Underground Garage for the Coolest Songs in the World title. Recently Frank has had his rock ‘n’ roll memoirs titled CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE published…It’s a fun and rollicking must read about his days in school, time on the road with power pop sensation BLUE ASH and his music and times in NYC and LA with punk mega star STIV BATORS. Now Frank leads several bands on his Circumstantial Evidence tour while spinning yarns of rock ‘n’ roll misadventure and acoustic versions of his music. Later this year you’ll find Frank Secich in The Power Pop Movie, followed a documentary about the late Stiv Bators. After 50 solid years Frank has been established as a power pop legend and underground icon who is still taking the stage and sharing his story and music with yet another generation.

Since 2008 the crowned kings of Whatever Punk have been racking up road miles, crossing the pond and appearing at festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, Mondo NYC, and CBGB. However, Room Full of Strangers has recently switched up their ordre du jour by kicking off 2017 with a literal bang, while performing at what some would call a riot.

The setting, Washington D.C, during the most controversial presidential inauguration in history and at a five day outdoor concert / protest in Franklin Square Park. This rectangular 5 acre park was framed by burning vehicles, riot police and wafting clouds of tear gas while the concert played on. A concert that Room Full of Strangers personally sponsored, which became ground zero for a cultural revolution, media maelstrom and a safe haven for thousands of beleaguered people.

Now, on the heels of this event, Room Full of Strangers is poised to release the highly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed Bad Vacation LP. However, the Strangers forthcoming 2017 release titled Plastic for Packaging, a snotty jab at dystopia, will be distributed worldwide through Sony Records / The Orchard. Additionally, HIP Video Promo, whose resume includes work with notable bands such as The Pixies and The Coathangers will distribute a series of the Strangers videos through network TV; making the release more of a multimedia event than a traditional LP release.

The corker…In addition to the Strangers new release and touring schedule, the band will be featured in a documentary titled Boy Howdy! The Story of CREEM Magazine, directed by award winning documentarian Scott Crawford (Salad Days). In this doc Room Full of Strangers will be profiled alongside rock ’n’ roll and punk luminaries such as Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, John Lydon (Rotten) and Wayne Kramer of the MC5.

For a quarter century, Dex Romweber has trolled the dark corners and back shelves of the haunted thrift store of Americana ephemera and honed an extraordinarily idiomatic sound, a particular and readily identifiable DEXness for those in the know. It’s a creepy doll collection of surf, proto-rockabilly, garage, dark and vengeful blues, and nobody, but nobody, plays it like Dex.

First with the legendary Flat Duo Jets and now with his sister Sara on drums, Dex distilled the punk ethos of less-is-more to the essential guitar/drums template. Left in the wake of his lecherous and slithery Silvertone guitar were early acolytes like Jack White, Neko Case, and the Reigning Sound as well as a current crop of the indie pack like Ty Segall, No Age, Japandroids, and The Black Keys. All owe an unclaimed pawn ticket of debt to his sublime and spine-tingling sound. He is a live wire back to the murky, sometimes dangerous and always unpredictable headwaters of real rock and roll.


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