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JPHONO1 (solo)
From his early days holding the sticks and cadence of The Comas, John Harrison has grown into a consummate veteran of the N.C. scene. For over a decade now, he has helmed the lush and loud rock outfit North Elementary while helping hold the reins of Potluck Foundation, a far reaching collective of musicians who consistently turn out quality releases from a myriad of artists. More recently, Jphono1 has been a solo outlet for John that he uses to explore the quieter side of his sonic life and his passion for vivid, surreal visual arts through the medium of screen-printing. Starting with his debut record “Living is Easy” and continuing on through a string of singles, EP’s, the outstanding sophomore album “Know Your Clouds”, and the most recent electrifying offering “Time in the Chevron”, Jphono1 has been a consistent vehicle for John’s overflowing output.

BLEEDER (Chip Smoak solo)

Rock band, alternative, art rock, friends, music makers, collaborators, carrboro NC, we practice in a barn full of raised toilet seats.