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On March 1st, 1999, NOAA scientists taking deep ocean recordings with a hydrophone picked up a warbling, cooing noise, which they dubbed ‘Julia’. This mother of the deep has not been caught, always eluding mans’ watching eyes and clutching hands, but her siren call has found its way into our hearts and thus our music.

JULIA. is a three piece, NC based alt rock group, built around a vintage feel teleported to the eclectic world of today. Taking influence from old blues and modern rock, all three members of JULIA. are from other bands, using their unique experiences to form a group that is the peak that it can be. With a haunting, mournful aesthetic behind their songs, paired with a musical style that is both synonymous with smokey clubs in the 70’s and stadiums today, they’ve taken the local Chapel Hill scene by storm.

Bluesy garage/alt rock sounds from Wilmington, NC.

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