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Surrender Human is a Chapel Hill rock machine consisting of Matt McMichaels (guitar), Robert Sledge (bass) and Tony Stiglitz (drums). Everybody sings.

Born of navel-gazing self-indulgence and vague ambition, Erie Choir began at the dawn of the new millennium as the solo acoustic folk singing sort-of-thing of Sorry About Dresden’s Eric Roehrig. Realizing the loneliness and terror of such endeavors and the inability to drown out yammering bar goers, Roehrig quickly recruited members of the White Octave and Cold Sides, and the group morphed into a more rockin’ affair though one still more likely to be classified under the sub-genres of “classic”, “indie”, or “folk” rather than “punk” or, god forbid, “emo”. After a pair of self-released EP’s and a few lineup changes, Sit-n-Spin Records released “Slighter Awake” in 2006, which Pop Matters called “crisp, clean, indie rock with a folk-pop flavor”, clarifying however, that the songs “may not be epic masterpieces” (emphasis added).

By the end of the aughts, Erie Choir had settled into the consistent lineup of Roehrig, Bob Wall, James Hepler, and Jack Watson. After seven years, Erie Choir finally got its shit together to finish the follow up to “Slighter Awake” that they began recording in 2010.

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