Creative Music Performance w/ AZULZ & Heat Preacher

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Creative Music Performance (CMP) is a group oriented music program for youth based in Carrboro, North Carolina. Participating students learn the fundamentals of playing and performing music in a group setting, recording in a studio, online marketing, and preparing for a release party. The program culminates on June 23rd here at The Station, with proceeds going to a local charity. Students will celebrate the release of their EP alongside fantastic local acts AZULZ and Heat Preacher.

AZUL or AZL is a solo project by Azul Zapata. Her sound is as multicultural as her background. Hailing from Argentina her music ranges from jazz, latin folk, blues, r&b, to soul. Originals are lyrically-driven pieces from the jumbles in her head and heart. She hopes you listen and understands her goal: to tell her story.

Heat Preacher –
Rock quartet based out of Chapel Hill, NC.

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