Fenwick & Velvet Sky

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What may have been just a normal conversation to most in a Buffalo Wild Wings turned out to be the inception of where dreams may take you… Founder Ryan Baker and Co-founder Timothy Graham met late March of 2017 to discuss what would become Fenwick on May 18th, 2017. The genesis of what Fenwick is and, what it will always be, is that of one expression: soul.
Fenwick is a modern indie/alternative rock band that incorporates numerous of influences from the 60’s era all the way to the late 90’s alternative movement. With soundscapes that idolize artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and numerous others, Fenwick sets out to capture a sound that epitomizes the one element that defines the very depths of who we are at the core, or should we say that of the soul.
With a dream to show humanity just how much more there is to life than just living from day to day as we know it, Fenwick pushes the envelope of seeing just how much more we all could have if we live beyond what we have always been.

Velvet Sky is an indie-minded rock band from Durham NC, started in April 2018. They tip their hat to the sounds of the early and mid ‘90s as well as a robust ‘70s rock influence, which results in a slightly retro rock sound. The natural seamlessness of their playing styles has yielded a dozen original songs, and they’re always eager to entertain those who like angular indie guitar with playful and meandering lyrical themes.

Come out and see Fenwick as they make their debut at the Station in Carrboro, NC alongside our friends in Velvet Sky!

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