SunSp.t Album Release w/ AZULZ and Phat Lip

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This night be the long awaited album release of SunSp.t, the solo project of master Durham, NC musician Joe MacPhail. Joe creates different types of music with a greater frequency than can be reasonably reproduced in recording studios without a large financial backing. While many songs are reserved for The Oblations, SunSp·t is a catch-all project for all other songs and ideas to go in a self-recorded format, before they’re blown away by the winds of time. As a multi-instrumentalist, SunSp.t provides a place to showcase the “army of Joe’s” sound that would otherwise only be possible through cloning. The songs are a hybrid of instrumental and vocal styles, and upcoming SunSp.t material showcases a unique sound involving a mixture of voice and vocoders, Moog Bass, and all manner of keyboard and percussion sounds. All SunSp.t songs are composed, improvised, recorded, performed, and mixed by Joe MacPhail.

AZUL is a solo project by Azul Zapata. Her sound is as multicultural as her background. Hailing from Argentina her music ranges from jazz, latin folk, blues, r&b, to soul. Originals are lyrically-driven pieces from the jumbles in her head and heart. She hopes you listen and understands her goal: to tell her story.

Kicking off the event will be Greenville, SC act Phat Lip.

Phat Lip is Troy Jones (drums), Sam Kruer (bass), Matt Dingledine (lead guitar), Bert Brown (percussion), and Kelly Jo (rhythm guitar, vocals). Throughout their first EP, Vision offers a spectrum of American, Latin and even Brazilian influences that intertwine effortlessly. The single, “Stranger’s Love” is completely immersed in Afro-Caribbean flair while “City Lights” dances between capoeira and grunge-era rock.
Their most recent release, “Coyote”, has marked a new chapter in the band’s songwriting, tackling heavy political queries through the tale of a Latin American immigrant. Their live performance video gained acclaim from NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest 2019. Phat Lip is currently recording new music set to release in late 2019.

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