Eye Shine Foundation Fundraiser (raffle and auction)

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Ever wonder what it is like being blind??? Come and find out while raising money to benefit Eye Shine Foundation (ESF), which is a local non-profit that organizes events so blind children can get together and have a safe place to grow.

The fundraiser is a 3 part event. The first is the blind challenge. Try doing things under a blindfold like ordering a drink, using the bathroom, finding your friend in a crowd, and playing shuffle board. If you complete the challenge, your name gets put into a raffle to win an awesome prize. The 2nd part is the raffle. Come and try and win prizes like custom made jewelry from Manire’s Goldsmith, VIP Durham Bulls tickets including gourmet meal and meet the team, private martial arts lesson from an Olympic coach, a day of excavating($600), $100 to the best French restaurant in town Provence, $100 from Townie Transportation, a day of handiman work, and the donations keep rolling in!

Growing up is hard. It is even harder when you are a blind kid. We cannot go join the football team to learn skills like teamwork or build friendships. Imagine trying to learn math, make friends, playing sports, etc. What do you say when a bully says to you “how many fingers am I holding up?” What can someone do for work when they grow up? How do you raise a child who is blind. Eye Shine Foundation answers all these questions. It is a place where kids can feel normal for once and not worry about what sighted kids think. The events we organize ,like beep kickball, build character skills they would otherwise learn in school. We are an all volunteer non-profit and almost all the money goes straight to helping our kids. We have minor administrative costs like insurance. Beyond that your donation will make a BIG difference in these kids lives.

So come experience what a different life would be like, win some prizes, and have your age guessed by a blind woman while making a difference in our kids lives!

(Karaoke with Emperess Kerisha will follow the event)

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