Danny Feedback w/ The Callers

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The Callers is unlike anything you’ve heard yet.  A North Carolina folk-based, rock’n’roll duo with vivid melodies and driving, heartfelt rhythms.

Julian (Jules) Sikes is a songsmith, vocalist and guitar player who’s style is unique yet nostalgic.  His lyrics lead you like tattered maps to an unknown treasure.  You can walk through his melodies like a lucid dream, they are both evocative and enchanting.  The pulse behind that dream is Derrick Spivey on drums, leading each song to a new landscape.

Jules and Derrick, both born and raised in the Piedmont of North Carolina, forged each of their paths to the Appalachian mountains of Asheville through music.  There they met amidst the punk/DIY community.  They honed their craft within the busking scene, connecting with folks and bringing inspiration to the streets.

Jules went on to form the beloved underground band Deep Chatham, who he toured  with for half a decade, releasing 3 albums.  Derrick is a multi-instrumentalist who has been an active part of many music projects, The Carolina Catskins, Hearts Gone South, and Uninhabitable to name a few. The Callers  bring forth a distinct sound from each of their musically rich lives. Their first album, A Means to Begin, is an eclectic compilation of songs filled with honest, hard hitting arrangements, powerful percussion, and deep heart-stirring vocals. Give it a listen, you’ll like what you hear.

Danny’s present sound is a modern twist of garage psyche, post-punk, and 70’s glam amongst countless underground influences. Mr. Feedback and his team also provide an energetic stage presence along with a visually stimulating show that includes laser, strobe, liquid lights, fog, and a wardrobe that will make you consider wearing your sunglasses at night.

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