The Will McBride Group

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Jazz-influenced rock/pop/funk. Two singles in rotation at 95.7FM That Station. Come hang and enjoy a night of polished musicianship and fun original music with some covers sprinkled about!

Primarily a trio, the WMG creates music with rich complex chording, funk and Latin rhythmic overtones found primarily in jazz, but with infectious lyrical hooks. Jazz influenced rock & pop. Imagine a funkier Steely Dan, a jazzier John Mayer, a more-vocal Santana, or an edgier Stevie Wonder…you get the picture. Adding vocal harmonies, and some tongue-in-cheek satire, The Will McBride Group has become THE premiere jazz-influenced rock/pop trio in Central NC. The WMG also features fresh interpretations of cover material from jazz, rock, Latin, pop, and funk superstars.

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