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For booking inquiries, please contact Rob DiMauro at

Please take a moment to read below before you contact us…

Capacity at The Station is 99

Unless otherwise noted, our evening shows are typically 21+

All booking submissions must be made to When emailing us, your subject line should include band name and date(s) you are requesting. If you are requesting a support slot, please include the date and the name of the band you are interested in supporting.

In your email, please include your band name, hometown, a link to your music, approximate draw, and ideas for a 2nd band. Do not send mp3s or send CDs.

We typically only book live bands on Fridays and Saturdays. DJ events will be on Saturday nights, sometimes after a live band’s concert has ended. Take a look at our calendar before submitting your request to make sure that date isn’t already filled. However, please be aware that an open date on our calendar doesn’t mean the date is available. We generally advertise 1-2 months in advance. This gives us time to properly promote a show.

We ask that all artists be mindful of “double-booking” in the same week due to the close proximity of other venues.


As soon as your show is confirmed, please send a high res photo and band bio for use in a flyer and inclusion on our website to Rob DiMauro at

In addition to promotion provided by the venue (and the fact that all shows are donations based), in it important that the artist should help promote the show.
Please email whatever promo images you would like us to use for social media to our booking email above.

We kindly ask that the artist/band(s) create the Facebook event for your show. We can handle making the website listing of the event on our end and poster distribution for the show.
Please make sure to tag The Station as the “co-host” of your Facebook event page and be sure you are using the current/active Station FB profile, which is: The Station


Mixing Console: 32 channel Soundcraft Expression
2 EV ETX35P 3 way mains
2 EV ETX18SP subs
3 EV 2LX 12P monitors
1 Audix D6
2 Audix F9
4 Shure SM58
3 Shure SM57
Other: mic stands, DI boxes

Stage dimensions: 12′ x 15′


In early 2019, we eradicated our door cover from 3 years earlier and reverted back to the classic “juke joint” set-up (Tip Bucket and percentage of bar sales). The results have yielded great profits for bar and bands and attendance have been at an all-time high since this change. Our whole policy here is “Tip the bands and tip your bartenders.”

The tip bucket payout at the end of the night (if two or more bands are performing) MUST be worked out between the bands. Some bands like to keep their cut right after their set. Some prefer splitting all of it at the end of the night. PLEASE WORK THAT OUT BETWEEN YOURSELVES.

The bar percentage we offer is 15%. (**This is the standard percentage offered across the board for all similar venues/dive bars like The Station**)  If more than one band, say two bands…the split is 50/50. If the rare occasion of three bands performing here, the split is 30-30-40 of the 15%. First two bands get 30% each of the 15% and the headliner gets the remaining 40%. The distribution of this payment is worked out via POC Sheet (point of contact sheet). Each group has a designated person we write (or wire) the money to. The preferred method has been PayPal. **Please note that the $$ will only go through on the following business day if wired directly, which in the case for bands on the weekends will be Saturday for Friday bands and Monday for bands performing Saturday night.

In addition to the bar sales and tip bucket, we also recently offer a very unique tipping feature: bar patrons can “digitally” tip the bands on their bar tabs. The tips are bundled together and are split like how we split our bar sales i.e. one band = 100%, two bands = 50/50, three bands = 30/30/40. The digital tips will be added with your bar percentage payout.

For hungry musicians, there are a handful of surround eateries/businesses that can provide you with a hearty selection of food, including Weaver Street Market (which is right next to us!)

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible or liable for any gear left behind at The Station either in the main room OR back green room. Check your gear before you leave. This applies to local bands as well. We are not a storage unit for your gear unless you are performing that night.

Temporarily Closed

Stay safe and we'll see you when we're able to re-open.